I sincerely hope that today marks the very last day I will ever sit in one of these.

Ahh, the law library.  We have had such a love/hate relationship over the years…most of the time, I hate you.  Until those certain days roll around where I have to, just have to, bury myself in the most serious of study caves and knock things out.  And then I love need you.   So, I wade through the undergrads studying powerpoint slides–shooting an occasional scornful look toward their pink Nike running shorts and Communication Studies textbooks–and find my place here.  And yes, gchat and Diet Coke are study essentials.

Also, a word on study attire.  Although its very easy to let oneself slide into the deep dark bowels of the fashion wasteland (see:  old college t-shirts, yoga pants, dreaded running shorts), most days I try not to let my three-day-old hair deter me from putting just a smidge of effort into my outfit for the day.  Even if only to end up in the cubicles.  My latest effort, as seen below:

silk shell by Old Navy (purchased last year)

Anthropologie orange skirt

sandals by Lands End Canvas, which I highly recommend for quality and affordability


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