The Sisterhood of the Traveling Bangles

Well, its official.  I’m 25.  Let the quarter-life crisis ensue.  But first, behold:

Most beautiful. birthday gift. ever.  Mom gave me these, which were gifted to her by her father on her 16th birthday.  From a jewelry store in South America.  These are not only breathtakingly gorgeous and exactly what I would pick out for myself if I saw them in a store, the fact that my mother undoubtedly wore them while she hitch hiked across the U.S., drove to San Francisco in a VW Van, attended Jimi Hendrix concerts, and many other countless adventures, makes them so much more meaningful.  These bangle bracelets have seen a lot, no doubt.  And now, they’re mine.  Off to accompany me on (hopefully) many many adventures in my next twenty-five years. Thanks mom!


One response to “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Bangles

  1. Pooja

    Tin! I LOVEEE these bangles. Love love love love!!!

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