Adventures in Cooking

So, I tried my hand at Indian food last night.  ‘Twas my first time attempting a cuisine that I find both delicious and daunting, and I have to say, it didn’t come out half bad.  Of course, I was coached through the process by some detailed instructions from eatliverun, whose vegan Channa Masala recipe somehow made cooking Indian food seem like a doable feat.

Fighting my constant yet catastrophic urge to make like Emeril in the kitchen and start throwing things around and making my own creation, I carefully followed instructions on this one.

I chop chop chopped away...


I patiently waited for the onions to caramelize and not burn....

 And a few magical moments and two cans of chickpeas later, I had this….

Channa Masala, topped with nonfat greek yogurt and whole grain Naan on the side

Now, this experiment came out much better than the massive Kale Chip fail of last week, in which I turned this beautiful leafy mound…

Into an only semi-edible sorry mess of crunchy over-salted leaves on a baking sheet.  Let it be known, however, that Diana and I ate every.single.lousy.chip.   Because you can eat anything (even messed up hunks of kale) coated in olive oil and salt.

And so, my latest adventures into new, uncharted culinary territory.  I probably won’t be opening up an Indian fusion restaurant anytime soon, but I’ll definitely be trying more dishes.  Oh, and I’m never buying kale again.


2 responses to “Adventures in Cooking

  1. Pooja

    Tin it looks amazing!!! I’m so impressed!! I have to say though, I had some of that Naan we bought and I wasn’t the biggest fan, so I’m going to have to keep my eyes open for some better naan for next time!

  2. Annie

    Don’t diss on the kale! I use it in an Italian soup and it is wonderful.

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