I Can’t Get No…

To be fair, I did say I was going to clean up my diet this month.  But, to be fair, it is ridiculously difficult to properly do so when tempted by pandora’s box of fine food options provided courtesy of another’s law school summer clerk program.  Alas, tonight, the war waged on.  Heirloom tomato and fresh buffalo mozzarella salad?  Yes, please.  Tuna tartar with garlic crostini and green olive tapenade?  Yes, please.  Risotto del giorno with bacon, jalapeno, fresh summer corn, and a crispy-skin chicken breast?  Yes, please.  Honeyed donuts with housemade chocolate and espresso gelato?  I SURRENDER.

No reasonably sane human could refuse these offerings.  If only it weren’t so creepy to bust out an iphone and photograph these masterpieces, I’d surely have posted pictures of them here. 

All this to say, however, that I thought tonight about true satisfaction.   Is there anything more satisfying than  a great bottle of wine, a relaxing slow dinner filled with delicious food and good conversation?  Surely, nothing.  I think the Italians have it right here–I spend so much of life just rushing around to nowhere, and I hardly ever stop to slow down and just enjoy the bounty.   Yes, I’m stressed about the bar exam, work, and life.  But a couple of select hours just enjoying others’ company with great food and a good bottle of wine sure does lend a certain perspective to all of life’s stress.  There’s so much here on this planet for us to enjoy.  La vita e bella, truly.


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