here are two awesome ex’s of colorblocking.



I’m liking black and tan  for fall, a lot.  It think it makes me feel sophisticated, which I am decidedly not, but who says I can’t try to dress that way, I figure.   I think everyone  should buy these two pieces, except don’t wear them at the same time because that would be fugly.  *Note, if you are my friend and we are seen in public together , please don’t buy either because I want to purchase both and don’t want to be twins with you.  Which pretty much counts out everyone who will likely read this.   buy here and remove that god awful tie belt then it’ll be the jam

 better than perfect

On another note, I am making dinner tonight for a male someone I’m trying to impress.  And I’ve put all my eggs in the Barefoot Contessa basket.  I went to the grocery store on my lunch break to purchase ingredients for said dinner (because I am clearly such a busy, important, multi-tasking professional), and I went to Whole Foods (because that is clearly where busy important bleeding heart liberals in Austin such as myself who aren’t trying to injest toxic chemicals shop).  

Moving On.

The total cost for ingredients Barefoot said I need to make this dinner? 


That b**ch. 

All I’m saying is that this dinner better deliver on results. 

Don’t fail me now Ina.


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