I kept wondering why I had so many readers…

I spent part of last week wondering, where had all the views on my blog come from?  Had my mom really looked at it 57 times on Wednesday?   Or perhaps, maybe, I had struck a chord with some unknown readership out there on the interwebs who also enjoyed outfit posting and Emerson quotes? 

Filing this one under:  #youhavesomuchtolearnaboutpeopleandtheworldmydear.

Anyway, below is an excerpt from a commencement speech delivered by Anna Quindlen at Mount Holyoke…I think it’s pretty amazing.  That is all.

But this is worse: that someday, sometime, you will be somewhere, maybe on a day like today–a berm overlooking a pond in Vermont, the lip of the Grand Canyon at sunset. Maybe something bad will have happened: you will have lost someone you loved, or failed at something you wanted to succeed at very much.

And sitting there, you will fall into the center of yourself. You will look for that core to sustain you. If you have been perfect all your life, and have managed to meet all the expectations of your family, your friends, your community, your society, chances are excellent that there will be a black hole where your core ought to be.

Don’t take that chance. Begin to say no to the Greek chorus that thinks it knows the parameters of a happy life when all it knows is the homogenization of human experience. Listen to that small voice from inside you, that tells you to go another way. George Eliot wrote, “It is never too late to be what you might have been.” It is never too early, either. And it will make all the difference in the world. Take it from someone who has left the backpack full of bricks far behind. Every day feels light as a feather.

(full text here)


One response to “I kept wondering why I had so many readers…

  1. Lauren

    I really wish it read “as someone once said” instead of “George Eliot wrote”.

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