the mondays

Played my first round of golf, ever, with partner and clients last Wednesday afternoon.  Survived, or so I thought, thanks in no small part to a short white golf skirt and large dose of humility.   Basked in the glow of playing all 18 holes without crying until Friday morning, when I awoke with the realization that my golfing blister had turned into some sort of flesh eating bacteria running up my arm and spent all of Friday with an IV of antibiotics and painkillers in a hospital bed.  I knew that golf tournament would get me some way or another.

Also, read this interesting article on the decline of traditional marriage, written by a woman who muses about being a 41 year old single woman after spending her entire life entrenched in notions of feminist rhetoric.  The writer reminisces about her childhood, in which she went to elementary school wearing t-shirts emblazened with  “A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle.”  Which would be amusing, but for the fact that I suddenly recalled while reading that said quote was also the header to the website that I created in the seventh grade.  Not to mention  that I arrived at junior high, regularly, wearing a t-shirt emblazened with a quote about feminism that I’d insisted my mom order me from a left-wing catalog I’d sent off for.  Then there was the time I went to a party in high school wearing a white t-shirt onto which I’d scrawled “just another feminazi” in black sharpie.   

Looks like the writing is on the wall for this one.


One response to “the mondays

  1. Annie

    Always such a crusader…You also used to have some sort of “99 cool environmental projects” book. What kind of badass 8 year old makes recycled paper on Saturday in a blender? You do 🙂

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