things that are cool vol I

And now I shall begin an important, meaningful, substantive post entitled:  things that are cool.

Because I would know.

1.  Look. at. this.

What is this? You ask.  That would be a slide.  In a museum.  A slide that starts at the top floor of a museum and carries you down two stories at what I only imagine to be heart palpitating speeds.

This is part of an exhibition of the work of Carsten Höller at the New Museum in New York City, which opens today.

(similar installation at the Tate Modern in 2006)

There is nothing I like more than trippy, weird contemporary art installations.

Except maybe slides.

As if I needed another reason to crave another visit to the City (see:  Paige), I am considering a trip just to see this.

2.  Obviously not in the same universe of cool as #1, but I saw these at Nordstrom last week and they sort of made my heart flutter a bit.

I like them because I think they straddle the fence between somewhat normal and  inappropriately gaudy .  So, we have something in common.



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