In need of…

Currently in need of:  one adventurous girlfriend who wants to spend NYE on a private island in Colombia.

Why is this so hard to find? 

All that this girl wants to do is pay a harmless visit to an old Colombian friendlover in said friendlover’s home country.  Yachts and private islands have been promised.  What can be so bad about that?  And yet somehow–inexplicably, mysteriously– I’m the ONLY ONE that seems to think it’s a good idea.

Okay, so maybe there is a five percent infinitesimal  chance that we end up  held as concubines.  Frankly, I’m willing to take those odds.

I need adventure in my life.  I need a private island in my life.  And for the record,  amazing parties with a Colombian friendlover from yesteryear wouldn’t hurt either.

And so, I have proffered a compromise.  Extravagant gallavanting with raucuous, well-to-do Colombians without need for passport or (major) risk of abduction.  It’s called:

Bienvenido a Miami.

New Years Eve in Miami with the Colombians.

Carpe diem, ladies.


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