Let the record reflect that I am not exactly known for my ability to be consistent, or for my ability to commit.

(The above is precisely why I feel the need to undertake the following challenge.)

Today, I had an idea.  Epiphany, rather.  It had something to do with an insuing quarter-life crisis moment, wherein it occurred to me that if I can’t complete a 30-day yoga challenge, what can I really hope to commit to or succeed at consistently in life?  [Don’t answer that.]

And so, the challenge-for-the-sake-of-a-challenge is this:  yoga every day for 30 days.

Because surely I can manage to at least squeeze in a few sun salutations once per day for thirty days.  Surely.  (This coming from the girl who still has euros floating around in the bottom of her purse from a trip two years ago.  This notion of regimented consistency may be easy for some, but it will not be easy for me.)

In order to fulfill the spirit of the challenge, I will have to do more than a couple of downward dogs a day.  Indeed, I will likely be required to attend at least a couple of 90-minute Bikram sessions per week.  If you have never been to a true Bikram class before, well then you haven’t lived through the torture chamber.

What do I really hope to get out of this challenge?  The satisfaction that comes with knowing I can commit to something for 30 days.

Anticipated fringe benefits include: clarity, focus, and tranquility.  I know I can likely anticipate this because having suffered through many a Bikram session before,  I can tell you that there is some odd peace derived from having survived ninety minutes in a sauna next to an old man in extremely tight spandex briefs heavy breathing and grunting while an instructor standing on a platform at the front yells to the class PUSH PUSH PUSH as you bend backward beyond what seems natural or healthy for the human body and wonder if your fat is bulging out over your yoga pants and then notice in the side mirror that you look like a seriously sunburned soaking wet jabba the hut.

Don’t question the yoga high, just go with it.

I feel if I only practiced yoga more consistently, I might derive some great mental benefit.  And maybe not lose my phone/keys/purse/wallet/mind every five minutes.

So, in conclusion, November 8 through December 8, 2011 ———-> you can find me in tree pose.  There, or writing about it here.


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