random disturbing thoughts on fairytales

One ill-fated Christmas, my parents gifted me with what would become my favorite Disney movie.  In fact, I have the most acute memory of watching Beauty and the Beast as a young girl and actively hoping, wishing, and believing that Belle should end up with Gaston and not the Beast.  Even as a six year old, I remember thinking that Gaston was just…hot.  And what was Belle thinking giving up that studmuffin, anyway?

Should you have forgotten who Gaston was, a little reminder:

Gaston serves as the main antagonist of the original film. He is rude, conceited, small-minded, narcissistic, and spends his time fighting, drinking and hunting. He is considered by many townspeople to be the town hero. Gaston believes that Belle would best suit as his wife based purely on her beauty.  His desire to marry Belle leads him to evolve from a narcissistic but harmless and humorous buffoon to a menacing, murderous villain.

The fact that this guy was my ultimate dreamboat at age six is equal parts telling and disturbing.



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