Gotta Have It

So, I didn’t set out to write a blog about shopping, but after I’ve spent all day sitting at THIS PLACE,…also known as a warehouse on does-it-even-go-this-far-north Lamar, its hard to get inspired to say something profound.  Just when you thought law school was behind you–smack!–welcome to the bar exam review course.

What better than a trip to Anthropologie to ease my first day woes.  And as I drove into the parking lot, what did I see but that beautiful red banner shining in the window with that one magic word, music to my ears, four simple letters pronouncing the official turning point in my formerly no good very bad day.  SALE.

And what did I find?  First, housewares.  Most impressed with these beauties, which I did not buy but might go back for.

But what I really just have to show you is this–the piece de resistance of the sale today and a truly great building block for the newly minted savvy  lawyer wardrobe, marked down from $150 to a staggering $39.99!  Feast your eyes on tweed that might make Coco herself bat an eye:

Admittedly, this is a fall/winter piece that would need to be shelved for at least six months, but for me it is the rare find of a tweed jacket that doesn’t make me feel like my grandmother when I wear it.  Its also perfect to be worn casually with jeans and a tee or over a black suiting dress with pearls for a very sophisticated working look.  Its not available online, so please run, don’t walk to your nearest Anthropologie and snatch this up.


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