Gallery Wall

Hello hello, long lost blog.  What can I say to excuse my absence except that bar exam studying calls?  Anyway, moving on.

As I prepare to move into a new, downtown apartment I’ve been obsessing really thinking a lot about how I’ll decorate it–this being my first time to actually “decorate” in a non-student living space.  One conundrum–how to place a TV in the space without getting that ugly man cave-esque entertainment center corner.

Solution:  the gallery wall.


Can’t wait to install a version of this in my own place.  It solves (a) the man cave problem and (b) presents a place to put all my books/photos on full frontal display.  Since I won’t have built-ins installed in a rental, I’ve been thinking of other ways to create this look without custom shelving.

First, the Ikea Expedit TV storage unit:

Also, (thanks to Beth) I’m thinking of doing a wall with floating shelves and one long low bookcase on the bottom.  I’ll keep you posted on the progress!


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